Have you received a parking ticket from a private parking company on private land?


This may be called a parking charge notice or fixed charge notice either attached to the windscreen or as a notice to keeper/owner through the post? There is no legal obligation to pay these charges as they are not fines or penalty charges. However they cannot simply be ignored and you must take action as private parking companies (or the landowner) can pursue a claim for damages in the small claims court. As demonstrated when Barry Beavis fought his parking ticket to the Supreme Court, these are often enforcable, but can be easily dealt with if you act fast.


The introduction of Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 introduced new legislation which the registered keeper of a vehicle can also be held liable for this charge. These parking charges can be pursued legitimately through the courts for a period of six years from the date you received the parking charge. Should you lose a county court case and ignore the judgment this will remain on your credit file for six years; which may adversely affect your credit rating and your ability to obtain any credit such as mortgages or credit cards.


Paying your parking ticket will cost you anywhere from £40 to £100, and if it gets to court it could be up to £350. That's per ticket!

Our Parking Appeal Service will cost you only £20...
and we guarantee a refund if we lose!

T&Cs apply, BPA companies only.


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