Since the introduction of the Independent appeals service for the private parking industry our team of experienced appeal handlers have been helping motorists deal with the stress and worry involved when a parking ticket has been received. Our team are all UK based and it is estimated that £1000s have been saved from successful appeals, keeping the money in the motorists pockets and not that of the private parking company.

Our dedicated team are fully conversant with the legalities with various different parking scenarios and types of appeals and can assist in any given situation. So whether you were parked in a shopping centre, airport or if you have a disability and have been targeted we can help you.

For every situation you have found yourself in we will fight your corner and win…

Over stayed? We can help
Forget to display your blue badge? Not a problem we can sort it!
Parking in the wrong place? Our appeal service will fight for you.
Permit not displayed in your own parking bay? Don’t worry we are on your side.