It is well known that Private Parking Companies use all manner of tricks and letters in an attempt to get motorists to pay private parking charges, should they have ignored any parking charge notice or PCN for whatever reason.

Many private parking companies will use traditional debt collectors associated with these private parking companies – such as Newlyn, Debt Recovery Plus/Zenith, TNC and ZZPS, Gordon and Noble; CSS Collect and several others.

ANPR Limited managed to invent their own side-arm debt collector called Expedion in an attempt to threaten and intimidate motorists into simply paying, including inflating the parking ticket amount and adding fake costs and court papers.

Remember the Parking Ticket Appeals Service can assist you whatever letter you have received and whatever stage you are at – if you have any debt collector letter in relation to an alleged unpaid parking charge – simply fill out your details on our appeal now page.




CIVIL ENFORCEMENT LIMITED is a private limited company with share guarantee but is rather an enigma when attempting to trace who actually owns the company as this is held under layers of companies which have changed names or which are dormant. Civil Enforcement has Its registered offices are based in Liverpool and also trades as Starpark, Creative Car Park, Parksolve and Versatile Parking – some of which are also declared as dormant at company’s house.    The current and former directors Mr Willem Marthinus De Beer and Mr Andrew Moray Stuart respectively have had directorships at more companies than some of the poorer people in the world would have had hot dinners – many of these companies have strong links with South Africa.


Civil Enforcement and Starpark operate in many different locations including many CO-OP car parks who have the misfortune of having Civil Enforcement as a private parking management company.

The parking ticket appeals service can help with any Civil Enforcement Parking charge notice received at whatever stage of the process you are at.   If you have a new parking charge notice (PCN) from Civil Enforcement – do not delay – contact us today.  We have a 100% record at getting these charges cancelled at POPLA due to our expert team of POPLA appeal writers and rebuttal of evidence packs sent on legal points. (This includes the fake witness statement sent in by Ashley Cohen an employee of Civil Enforcement Limited).

Civil Enforcement Ltd do have habit of issuing court claims to unsuspecting motorists who are ignoring parking charges – and indeed are currently trawling through their data bases for any old unpaid parking charges.   Like all private parking companies they have six years (in England and Wales) to pursue any alleged outstanding debt as set by the Statute of Limitations Act.



Registered office: 124 Baker Street, London, W1U 6TY

Company registration no: 08855263

This company was incorporated on 21st January 2014 with the sole purpose of intimidating motorists into paying parking charges.   The registered office is a well- known multi-drop registered address used by many companies.

Letters from this company are the creation of Civil Enforcement Limited in an attempt to create the illusion that this debt / parking charge has been bought by a separate company – and an enforcement of debt collectors.   Alleged debts of this nature cannot be bought or sold as they are not covered by the Consumer Credit Act and this is just another fake ruse and unscrupulous methods employed by parking companies to intimidate motorists into paying.

Letters were dispatched to motorists by Civil Enforcement Limited stating that the parking charge had been bought by Debt Enforcement and Action Limited.  Typically an additional figure of £40 is added to the original parking charge amount and then claim that they have sold 87.5% of this debt to DEAL and retaining the remainder for any monies owed to a third party.   Debt Enforcement and Action Limited are then writing to motorists claiming the full amount of the alleged debt and indeed are sending fake court papers out also.

Have you received a letter from either Civil Enforcement Limited or Debt Enforcement and Action Limited – DEAL (for short)?

Then let the Parking Ticket Appeals Service deal with this for your – we have the necessary skills and expertise in responding to these letters for you.  Simply fill out your details on our appeal now page and let us handle this for you.



Civil Enforcement Limited are issuing plenty of real court claim papers and once again – The Parking Ticket Appeals Service can not only differentiate between the fake papers issued but the real court papers which sadly some people have ignored and now have a CCJ against them.

DO NOT IGNORE COURT PAPERS – come to the Parking Ticket Appeals Service for assistance –  We offer a unique new service for court writing defences for any private parking company –

Contact the Parking Ticket Appeals Service today for any help with Civil enforcement Parking charges, letters from DEAL or Court Claims


We are on your Side !


First published in 2014










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