Debt collectors hassling you?

We can take control of this situation for you and STOP the contact from the debt collector. We have lots of experience  when it comes to dealing with them.

We deal with:

Debt Recovery Plus (DRP+) DRPL , also known as Zenith, as well as Trace Debt Recovery, TNC, Gladstones Solicitors, BW Legal, SCS Law, Newlyn, DCBL, Rossendales, UCS and ZZPS

We deal every day with Debt Recovery Plus and we know how they operate. Debt Recovery Plus have contracts with most parking companies.  UKPC and Smart Parking are some of  their biggest clients.  Don’t let Debt Recovery Plus fool you.  Let us deal with them or any debt recovery firm for you.

Please contact us by completing in our contact form or emailing with your contact details.

For a low charge of £25.00 we will deal directly with the debt collectors and stop the worry or having bailiffs or debt collectors visiting your home. Take advantage and let us take control today.  If we take on a case on that has gone to a debt recovery firm we guarantee that the debt collection company will not take you to court.

Please note: we CANNOT assist you with dealing with Bailiffs following the issue of a Recovery Order from a Local Authority parking ticket.