A happy customer – first cancelled parking charge notice


Parking Ticket Appeals Service informed one happy customer on 7th April 2014 that their parking ticket had been successfully cancelled at the first appeal stage, after taking up our service just two days earlier. 

The company in question was Parking Control Management – a former member of the British Parking Association but who recently joined the newer International Parking Community.  As a member, parking companies are charged a fee for every independent appeal processed at the second stage of the appeals system by their respective member body.

No doubt on this occasion, the PCM realised that they would lose even more money by going through the second stage of the appeals process and decided to cancel the parking charge notice immediately – clearly demonstrating the expertise our appeal handlers have in challenging these parking charges.

One happy customer who does not have to pay a penny more.
Appeal quickly dealt with by one of our experienced Appeals Handlers
Customer informed immediately of the cancelled ticket.
PCM cannot pursue the parking charge further
PCM save money on their second stage appeals process.

Parking Ticket Appeals Service calls this a satisfying result all round.

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