Fort Dunlop/ Urban Splash – key facts:

 Fort Dunlop is owned by Urban Splash Limited who purchased the former Dunlop tyre factory and main office of Dunlop Rubber in 1999 and they redeveloped the interior of the iconic Grade A listed building and added a 100 bed hotel at the development.  Fort Dunlop is situated at:

Fort Dunlop

Fort Parkway


B24 9FD


Fort Dunlop boasts the largest single block of retail/office rental space outside of London, with over 300,000 sq ft of office space, 45, 000 sq ft of retail and the largest green roof in Europe.  Some current tenants at the site include:


Duet Cuisine Ltd, Jetson Ltd, Gambling Insight Ltd, Voice Mobile Ltd, Fort Dunlop Cycling Ltd, Poggenpohl Group Ltd, Regus, Dwell Retail, Kas Convenience Stores Ltd, R H Group Ltd, Overbury Plc, Nicol Thomas Ltd, Waterdale Associates Ltd, The Marketing Store Worldwide Ltd, Golley Slater Group Ltd, Greystone Advertising Design Ltd, Tibbatts Design Ltd, Ford Retail Ltd,

Systemware Services Ltd, Dalkin Scotton Partnership Architects Ltd, Bureau Veritas UK Ltd, People Incorporated Ltd, Teleos Systems Ltd, Skills First Awards Limited, Cerda Planning Ltd, Holman Group Ltd, Linford Group Ltd, Premium Choice Ltd, Secretary of State, Building Services Design

Cambridge Ltd, Service Birmingham Ltd, Midland Newspapers Ltd, Green Room Retail, Skills First, Think Recruit Limited, Randstand,Kartar Consulting Ltd, 24/7 Fitness, Lettys Little Learners Nursery, EQL Limited



 Urban Splash Limited have engaged the services of a private parking company called Parkshield Collection Limited t/a PCP Enforcement Agency to manage their car parks at Fort Dunlop.

PCP Enforcement Agency is a member of the IPC and the registered offices are co-incidentally right next door to Gladstone’s solicitors in Red Cow Yard, Knutsford.


It has come to the Parking Ticket Appeals Service attention that many workers are now being penalised for parking on site at Fort Dunlop in Birmingham. This situation came to light when one of our Appeals Handlers visited the site last week to raise awareness about parking tickets and how to appeal them.    Our company then received several emails from people who had been targeted in this manner.

The situation is so severe for several staff that they have had county court claims issued against them amounting for several hundreds of pounds.   Indeed one such worker needs to pay over £1,000 as the matter has been passed to the Sheriffs (High court enforcement officers).

The Parking Ticket Appeals Service are naturally very concerned to hear that apparently workers parking their cars at Fort Dunlop are being treated in this appalling manner and that Urban Splash do not seem to care about this one iota.  Urban Splash incidentally also have a management suite on site.   One can only assume that it is because Urban Splash are receiving a cash incentive from PCP Enforcement for every parking charge paid.   This is very common amongst private parking companies to lure landowners into using their car parking management services.  UKPC for instance typically return 10% of all paid parking charges back to the landowner.

Our staff re-visited Fort Dunlop on Thursday this week to hold a parking ticket advice surgery at the Regus centre and telephoned many companies on site to advertise this.  It was very well attended despite attempts by Golley Advertising and Urban Splash to curtail the meeting.

The Parking Ticket Appeals Service in particular would like to know why Urban Splash are intent on penalising staff of their tenants on site especially as in their commercial brochure it states that car parking on site is free within the terms of the lease for tenants.


The Parking Ticket Appeals Service have external links and are able to offer support to anyone at Fort Dunlop in receipt of county court papers and of course can assist with anyone in receipt of the parking charge at the start of the process.  Our dedicated team of appeals handlers can help – so do not delay – if you have a parking charge notice at Fort Dunlop – contact us as soon as possible.


First published in 2014

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