Coming Soon, the Parking Ticket Appeal Service


Coming Soon, the relaunched Parking Ticket Appeal Service

The implementation of the Protection of Freedoms Act on the 1st October 2012, made clamping on private land illegal.   In its place provision was made enabling private parking companies to obtain registered keeper details to pursue any alleged unpaid parking charges issued on relevant land.   This means that it is simply no longer the case of ignoring any unpaid parking charge, as many unfortunate motorists have found out to their cost.   Private parking companies have six years to issue court papers and many unsuspecting motorists are now facing the real and daunting task of defending themselves in the small claims court.

No-one should now just ignore any parking charge as there is a systematic approach to get these charges cancelled for good – this means no worry or anxiety that further down the line court papers will land on the doorstep.

Private parking companies now can join either of the two different ATA accredited membership bodies, each following their own code of practice and providing their own independent appeals process.   With hundreds different private parking companies, it is no wonder that many motorists can find the whole system confusing and overwhelming.

Our Guaranteed Service – For just £16…

We will fully refund you – should the parking charge not be cancelled during the two-stage appeals process  – guaranteed.

The Parking Ticket Appeals Service was the first company to offer this unique all-one-process of dealing with the two stage appeals process necessary for challenging any parking ticket (parking charge notice) issued on private land.  The motorist is kept fully informed at every stage of the process.   Our dedicated appeals handlers have the requisite expertise and knowledge in dealing with all aspects of the two different appeals processes and the different  private parking companies.  Their experience is drawn from both their backgrounds and they have spent many hours assisting numerous posters on various consumer internet forums.

The motorist can be confident and secure in the knowledge that for just £16.00 his appeal will be dealt with promptly and professionally by our dedicated staff.  We save the motorist time and stress by doing all the work for you and our guarantee means that should we lose the appeal – we will refund you every penny you paid us – guaranteed.

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