Parking Ticket Appeals offers a bespoke and unique service – saving the motorist time, stress and hassle of having to deal with a private parking ticket and ensure that your credit rating remains intact. We handle everything from day one and will deal with both the parking companies and the two independent appeal bodies – POPLA (Parking on Private Land Appeals) and the IAS (Independent Appeals Service). We are experts at winning appeals, drawing on years of experience and have the legal knowledge and requisite skills in the appeals processes implemented. We are so confident we can prevent you having to pay the ticket – we will cheerfully refund you in full should the appeal fail (terms apply – BPA companies only)

It is a win-win situation

Provided you come to us when you receive your ticket, our service removes the stress and frees up the time you would have to spend doing these appeals – our legal expertise ensures that the appeal will be successful – or we will refund you should it fail – all for one fixed fee of £20.00 guaranteed. 

in the event that you need our assistance at a later stage, there may be other services we can offer at different costs – contact us for more details.

Some of our services may be provided by other members of our Group of Companies, but your service agreement will remain with Parking Ticket Appeals.

Please note: We CANNOT assist with any of the following:

Council-issued parking tickets, Police issued parking tickets, speeding offences, bus-lane or Red-Route tickets, or any form of penalty or charge that is not issued for a parking violation on private land. 

Please ensure you read our terms and conditions, and ensure our service is suitable for your needs. Remember, we are NOT the parking company, and did not issue you any ticket or charge.