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MET Parking Services Limited (reg no:  07450343) has been trading since 2005- directors Mr David Bailey, Mr David Marks. MET Parking Services is wholly owned subsidiary of:

MET Car Parks Limited (number 05468096) which has been trading since 2010 and has a number of private shareholders including the directors as above.

MET Parking Supplies 08816323 was incorporated in 2013 with Mr David Marks as director.

All three companies share the same registered offices: Lacon House 84 Theobald’s Road, London, United Kingdom, WC1X 8RW



MET Parking use a mixture of ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) and warden patrolled on sites.   This means that motorists could either receive a parking charge notice (PCN) or parking ticket on their windscreen on the day of parking issued by a parking attendant or several days later through the post if the site is ANPR managed. MET Parking are members of the British Parking Association and use POPLA for their appeals process.



  • Retail Shopping Centres such as – The Brewery in Romford
  • Out of Town outlets
  • McDonalds
  • Railway Stations
  • Your own House/Flat
  • Leisure Centres – including Virgin Active at Solihull and Riverside Leisure Centre Norwich



 McDonalds restrict parking using MET (or UKPC) at over 100 outlets including those where McDonalds is on a retail or out of town outlet.  McDonalds claim that this is to ensure that their customers can always find a parking space, and to do this there will be a variable period of free parking time available -typically anything 45 minutes – 2 hours is commonplace.   It is always their customers who happen to stay longer – say for a children’s party or when it is busy who always receive a parking ticket.

Our Appeals handers are well versed with all the scenarios and can save YOU TIME and STRESS – simply fill out your details on our appeals now page and let us challenge this for you.


RAILWAY STATIONS – For example Chiltern

MET Parking is being used at a number of railway stations including Chiltern.

Our Appeals handlers are aware of the growing number of complaints being made at this station where it appears that there have been problems with motorists unable to pay for parking.

Why not let us help with your parking charge – simply fill out the details and let our experienced appeals team do the rest.



 In 2012 MET Parking was one of six parking companies whose access to the DVLA for obtaining registered keeper details was suspended for a short while for issuing misleading information to motorists.  The story featured on Watchdog daily:

The other parking companies who were also suspended at the same time were:

  • Roxburghe Ltd
  • VP Parking solutions Ltd
  • Combined Parking Solutions Ltd
  • ANPR PC Ltd.
  • Excel Parking Services

Here at Parking Ticket Appeals Service, we are well aware of some of the tricks that MET use to issue parking charges, many of which have been reported on the news and in the press.   Our appeals handlers are aware that MET will often issue a parking ticket to customers who visit a place more than once and have been notified where a parent was collecting a child from a party at McDonalds got issued with a parking ticket.

Our staff are also fully aware of cases where a motorist was issued parking charge at a retail park – in a section which was not even managed by MET.


Don’t Ignore a parking charge from MET.

MET Parking Services use Roxburghe debt collectors to pursue unpaid parking charges.   Roxburghe in turn are now using Gladstones solicitors requesting payment to Roxburghe for unpaid parking charges, where MET is the original client.

  • Have you received a parking charge from MET?
  • A letter from  debt collectors?
  • A letter from Gladstones solicitors requesting payment to a Debt Collector?

Then the Parking Ticket Appeals Service can help – simply go to our appeals now page and fill out your details – let the professionals help you to get the parking charge cancelled.

We have a 100% record in cancelled tickets from MET.


First published in 2014

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