Parking Eye Ticket ?


Got a Parking Eye Ticket?

ParkingEye is unquestionably the UK’s biggest private parking company, with a turnover of over 14 million in the 2013 accounting year.   ParkingEye monitor car parks remotely by the use of their Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras and use the recorded information gained against any criteria for any breach of their parking terms at the parking site.   This information is then used to issue a parking ticket or PCN for any alleged breach such as overstaying a free parking period.

ParkingEye operate in many different car parks such as supermarkets, retail sites, out of town shopping sites.  ParkingEye have contracts with many large supermarket chains and its biggest contracts are with Aldi, Asda and The Range.   ParkingEye make their money by issuing a motorist with a Parking Eye ticket and by typically offering their service free to the landowner.

ParkingEye’s system of ANPR and issuing parking tickets works in the following way:

  1. On entry and exit, car registrations are photographed by ParkingEye’s cameras.
  2. ParkingEye will issue a Parking Ticket if their system purports to detect any alleged breach of contract terms.  For example, a parking ticket will the issued if the difference in entry/exit times is greater than the maximum stay designated for any particular car park.
  3. ParkingEye will then apply to the DVLA to obtain registered keeper’s name and address in order to issue a ParkingEye ticket
  4. Within 14 days ParkingEye send what is known as a notice to keeper (the legal owner of the vehicle).  This is in effect the ParkingEye ticket
  5. The Notice to Keeper requests payment of the parking charge or the details of who was driving. ParkingEye set strict time limits on this.
  6. The Notice to Keeper explains the options on how to appeal a ParkingEye parking ticket.
  7. If the ParkingEye ticket is not paid, then Parking Eye will chase the registered keeper and appoint a debt collection firm for recovery of the debt.
  8. They will then issue a claim in the county court if this is not paid.

In the 2013 accounting period ParkingEye issued over 500,000 ParkingEye tickets using this method.   ParkingEye are issuing an increasing number of county court claims for any motorist who does not pay the parking charge or does not win their appeal. It is known that many people are caught by the ANPR system through something known as double dip, this is where the motorist visits the car park twice but it is recorded as being one continuous visit.

So if you have been caught out in any retail park, or at an Aldi, ASDA or The Range  supermarket, then we can help. In fact it doesn’t matter who the parking company was, where it happened or what happened our service means that you should never have to worry about receiving a county court claim. So if you have any parking ticket (parking charge notice) simply fill in your details at and we will take care of it for you immediately.

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