Parking fines – always on your side!


Parking fines – not when parking on private land !

we are always on your side……

Our dedicated Appeals Handlers are always on your side fighting parking tickets (often misunderstood to be parking fines) …… we will point you in the right direction for further assistance due to the connections and reputation we have with the various other internet communities.

This happened on the 5th April 2014, when we received a referral from one of our partner sites.   The lady in question was facing court action from the private parking company UKCPS who were pursuing an alleged unpaid parking charge ignoring their legal obligations under the Equality Act.  One of our appeal handlers directed her to MSE parking ticket forum and was able to assist her as one of the volunteers.  An action plan was quickly sprung into action – mainly behind the scenes and by Monday 7th April 2014, less than two days after receiving court papers and coming to our company, the landowner instructed UKCPS to cancel the parking charge and discontinue proceedings.  This was a most satisfying outcome and we were glad to have assisted this lady who was very relieved and happy that this had been resolved so quickly.

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