Parking Ticket Appeals and Private Parking Appeals Ltd


Parking Ticket Appeals is a Trading Style of Private Parking Appeals Ltd. Internally, the two parts of the company are referred to as PTAS and PPA, and for convenience, we will use these abbreviations in this post.

The original Parking Ticket Appeals Ltd, of 92 Carrwood Road, Sheffield, was a registered company which offered a parking appeals service similar to the service we now offer. Regrettably, as a result of a legal dispute, this business was liquidated in 2016, and the Intellectual Property of the business, including the website, was acquired by an individual not (at the time) associated with either PTAS or PPA. Later the same year, the IP of Appeal Parking Tickets Ltd was similarly acquired by the same person and incorporated into PTAS.

In early 2017, PPA was able to acquire the IP of PTAS. However, this did not include any of the customer files or obligations of the original, and now long since dissolved company. We are therefore unable to refer back to old PTAS files, old appeals etc.

PPA relaunched the PTAS website in 2018.

If you were a PTAS customer, or a customer of Appeal Parking Tickets prior to 1 January 2017, while we have no record of your appeals or application, we will, nonetheless seek to assist you in defending any further action which the Parking Company may seek to bring, such as court proceedings or similar, on a goodwill basis without obligation. However, as we are a completely different company, we cannot and will not be bound by the terms of the original agreement with the dissolved company, and specifically do not offer any guarantee to pay the parking charge which may have been offered by the original company.

Details of the former PTAS companies can be found below.

Parking Ticket Appeals Ltd (Trading as Parking Ticket Appeals)

Parking Ticket Appeals Service Ltd (Trading as Parking Ticket Appeals)

Appeal Parking Tickets Ltd

Renishaw Management Services Ltd (Trading as Parking Ticket Appeals)

We are also aware of two further companies, which we believe are being operated by the same individual behind the original PTAS businesses.

Parking Eye Appeals Ltd

Parking Fines Ltd


For the avoidance of doubt, Carol Sole, our CEO, was a previous director of Parking Ticket Appeals Ltd, but not of any other of the PTAS businesses, from April to October 2014, but her association with that company ended at that stage.


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