Process Map

Step by step details of how the process works...

Initial Appeal


Second Appeal


Make an appeal

Complete our appeal form to send us your details and pay for our service through PayPal.

We process your appeal

Appeal Successful!

Appeal Rejected

POPLA or IPC Code recieved

You receive the rejection letter with POPLA Code or an IPC rejection & submit it to us ASAP. Or we receive the rejection letter & automatically continue the process.

Go to Second Stage Appeal


POPLA Code or IPC rejection Received

On receipt of the POPLA Code or IPC Rejections a second appeal can be raised to an independent appeals body.

We lodge your second appeal

We will give you an estimated appeal hearing date (for your reference only). Should you receive an evidence pack this should be emailed to

Appeal Successful!

Appeal Rejected

We cheerfully refund your fee

If for any reason the second appeal is rejected then we will refund your fee, provided you supply us with evidence that you have paid the parking ticket amount directly to the parking company. terms and conditions apply, BPA companies only.

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