Who is the BMPA?


BMPA – British Motorists Protection Association

–          Helping protect the consumer rights of motorists.


Website:  http://www.bmpa.eu

This is a newly formed unincorporated body drawing together a collective range of services to assist motorists in challenging parking charges

– both on street and on private land.

The Parking Ticket Appeals Service is a member and helped with the formation.



The BMPA has close links now with the Citizen’s Advice Bureau who now updated their out of date information regarding parking charges on private land.

One of our company directors’ did a presentation recently at the offices of Grant Thornton – a training seminar with representatives including CAB, debt organisations such as stepchange, various charities, local government representatives, the money advice group and the IMA.

The BMPA can also be contacted for assistance if in receipt of county court papers and has links to the various lay reps and Mackenzie friends who may assist at court hearings.

The Parking Prankster is also a member and has recently updated his guides for anyone who has received county court papers.

Parking Prankster:


Parking Prankster also did a blog on our company here:



First published in 2014

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